Tintoria Mattei 954
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Tintoria Mattei 954
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Retroesque shirts, exquisitely finished: The Tintoria Mattei 954 styles are surrounded by a touch of vintage, which is interpreted in a contemporary way in their prints and patterns. Together with intricate tailoring, selected ... fabrics and elaborate details, statement shirts are created that are the focus of confident casual looks. More Less
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Tintoria Mattei 954 men's shirts for true statement looks

1954: The year the label Tinterio Mattei was created and the style that it celebrates with its vintage-inspired designs. An era when menswear was stylish, sophisticated and masculine, but open to more unconventional styles. Tintoria Mattei has specialised in men’s shirts that are dyed and treated using highly sophisticated processes to achieve an individual look. With pre-washed fabrics made of pure cotton, top-dyed patterns and prints of its own creation, Tintoria Mattei superbly adapts inspiration from that era to today’s aesthetic. The same goes for the handcrafted finesse: Production of details such as the cuffs and the button placket is based on tried and tested methods from the label’s sartorial heritage. The modern, slim fit emphasises the masculine silhouette and conveys the signature nonchalant Italian sense of style. The creativity, passion and closeness to nature of the brand’s designers is reflected in Tintoria Mattei shirts that give their wearer as much personality as their wearer gives them – a harmonious interaction that radiates strength of character and joie de vivre in everyday life. You won’t find any classic checked or striped shirts at Tintoria Mattei: Geometric shapes, lush floral tendrils or abstract camouflage in expressive colours such as bright blue or orange are the designs you will find in the retro-inspired casual shirt collections.

Founded in the province of Brescia, Tintoria Mattei has its roots firmly in the art of Northern Italian tailoring. The fabrics that are used for the shirts also come from the region: from the no less traditional textile factory Albini 1876 – an Italian authority on high-quality fabrics. Pride in the origins in Albino, in the region of Lombardy, is evident both from the name and from almost 150 years of history. And this pride is justified: Shirts from Tintoria Mattei 954 also benefit from decades of experience with the material – the highest quality cotton in the world and progressive printing processes. You will find a hand-picked selection of shirts from Tintoria Mattei for creating chic casual looks in Italian style, online at BRAUN Hamburg. They come into their own with simple jeans or chinos as an eye-catching piece that exudes just the right amount of individuality.