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Stenströms designer shirts

Scandinavian chic par excellence – with over 100 years of tradition. The Swedish label Stenströms guarantees absolute certainty in terms of your formalwear – based on a know-how accumulated since 1899. The high-end offering by Stenströms includes shirts, knitwear and accessories like ties, as well as a collection for women. Iconic for the brand is the exceptional combination of striking quality and masterful finish, perfect fit and a very special love for detail – an overall and complete dedication to all aspects of the manufacture of their garments.

These are arguments that have made the Swedish royal family dedicated clients, which is why Stenströms is an official royal supplier and is entitled to advertise their wares with the attributes "By appointment to H.M. the King of Sweden” and “By appointment to H.M. the Queen of Sweden”.
By the time it is ready for retail, a Stenströms shirt will have passed through more than 60 work steps, a substantial number of which are still completed by hand. 25 of these steps are needed to create the difficult collar area – the result: perfect and lasting form for many years to come. Fine distinctions are made between areas for which masterly craftsmanship and precision are essential like collar and cuffs, and those

areas where innovative machine processes offer more precision and flawlessness than traditional manual stitching. In effect, the label efficiently combines tradition and modern technology in order to create the best possible product. Eye-catching details differentiate a Stenströms shirt from the competition: Decorative variations with floral or ornamental patterns are just as typical for Stenströms shirts, as are contrasting stitching of the button holes or contrasting buttons. The majority of materials used are sourced in Europe or are made of premium quality raw materials from around the world. Finest cotton, silk and precious fabrics made of linen or cashmere blends ensure skin-friendly comfort and unfailing elegance.

The history of the brand begins with the exceptional talent of the master tailor August Stenström, who quickly created a name for himself in the late 19th century in Helsingborg, creating exclusive men’s shirts with a perfect fit. Overwhelming demand for his products quickly resulted in the first Stenströms factory, over time growing into today’s internationally renowned company. In terms of quality standards, however, nothing has changed since the early days of Stenströms. The classic and elegant style, perfection down to the smallest detail, and unrivalled comfort based on a luxurious finish have been and always will be the brand’s formula for success.