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Novila nightwear and underwear

Highest standards in terms of quality, finish and the materials used – that is the credo of NOVILA, based in the Black Forest region of Germany. The company has been family-owned since 1946 and has always remained steadfast about its quality philosophy.

EXCELLENT FINISH AND COMFORT IN EVERY DETAIL: The extremely meticulous approach to the company’s own products results in perfection in terms of every detail of the finished item and therefore a highly aesthetic and attractive garment. Perfectly stitched button holes, carefully attached buttons, pipings, tabs and absolutely symmetrical patterns and perfect cuts create a well-rounded off result. But Novila is not satisfied with just a perfect and excellently detailed look.

Comfort is a topic much pondered at Novila and is optimised wherever possible – as can be seen in the particularly comfortable waistband. The patented Novila SoftWaist comes with tiny air bubbles, making it incredibly more comfortable to wear than traditional waistbands, while never slipping out of place. The high expectations of the company are realised with highest sartorial craftsmanship and the very best knitted and woven fabrics available in Europe.

NIGHTWEAR & NIGHTWEAR AND UNDERWEAR PAR EXCELLENCE: Novila specialises in the manufacture of exclusive underwear and nightwear for men, including pyjamas and morning coats. The line for women is restricted to nightwear only. The hand-picked fabrics are of outstanding quality and promise a long lifespan. Novila designs are not subject to fashion trends – the main aspects here are longevity, timeless classic patterns like stripes and checks, as well as understated colours.