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    Sneakers 'Compassor' dark grey/anthracite
    Sneakers 'Compassor' dark grey/anthracite
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  2. Sneakers 'Lunarove' black
    Sneakers 'Lunarove' black
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Moncler sneakers - innovative lifestyle for the piste

Moncler’s style doesn’t stop at its signature puffer jackets. We can wear the iconic design on our feet too. Snow or no snow, stay at the cutting edge with contemporary Moncler sneakers with retro elements and the colours of the French Tricolore.

What began with warm down equipment for mountaineering enthusiasts is now one of the hottest designers for stylish outdoor fashion: Moncler is a must-have on the piste - in the mountains or in the city. Moncler designs aren’t about fading into the background: With voluminous puffer jackets, trendy sneakers, shiny material and bold use of the colours of the French national flag, Moncler fashion sets trends and attracts attention.

Courtesy of the men’s collections that also include jumpers, T-shirts and sneakers, you can also enjoy Moncler’s unique style in your everyday life and in warm weather: The sneakers have all of the essential features of contemporary shoes: State-of-the-art material technologies, premium leather and the unmistakable Moncler style that is better than anyone else at using retro features to create new design icons by combining the label’s origins with stylish elements. The result: Contemporary sneakers that transpose the brand’s cult styles from the piste to an urban context. The signature colour trilogy of red, white and blue is always there on Moncler sneakers.

From sleeping bags to sneakers: The label Moncler has managed to catapult innovative and contemporary Alpine outdoor clothing into the world of high fashion. Even though the company headquarters moved to Italy a long time ago, Moncler is rightly proud of its French origins: Its success story began in the small town of Monestier-de-Clermont near the French Alps. The brand’s experience in weatherproof Alpine equipment soon made Moncler down jackets a bestseller. Moncler kitted out various mountain exhibitions, for example the ascent of K2 in 1954.

Moncler men’s shoes made of high-quality leather or an exciting blend of materials have since become real works of art: Moncler sneakers will keep you light on your feet on city expeditions. You can choose from exclusive Moncler sneakers in a variety of colours and sizes online in our BRAUN Hamburg online store. Moncler men’s shoes collections are defined not just by bleu, blanc, rouge (including in variations such as navy or burgundy), but also many other contemporary colours: Olive, black, beige, grey in contemporary designs. Moncler sneakers score maximum performance points: High-quality leather with well-designed textile and suede details form the basis for the shoes that guarantee maximum comfort and give your outfit the inimitable radiance of the Moncler lifestyle.