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Moncler was founded by René Ramillon in France in 1952. The brand name is derived from his city of birth, Monestier de Clermont. The Moncler logo consists of the Mountain Mont Aiguille in the French Alps which is famous for its table mountain-like shape and first ascent in 1492. That logo can still be found on the products to this day. In the beginning he mainly focused on equipping mountain climbers: Sleeping bags, tents and lined jackets. Over time, more and more people have fallen in love with mountaineering and so the popularity of Moncler products has also steadily grown.

Their down jacket was tested on many expeditions and further developed for ski sports in the 70s. The continued optimisation of the products and the drive for perfection has given the sportswear brand a very good reputation. That is why Moncler became the official outfitter of the French national ski team for the 1968 Winter Olympic Games. The first fashion collection was released to the public 31 years later. The materials were fashionably fitted and the traditional down jackets were given contemporary cuts. As a result, Moncler became a status symbol on the ski slopes but also a lifestyle brand that can be worn all-year round. No other label can reach the level of quality in their jackets that Moncler has achieved.

A brand trademark for the jackets is their diamond pattern, which is also used in various other items of clothing. This gives the pieces a very special style that is unique to the brand. This speciality is also present in the material selection: Leather and fur are integrated and blended with more classic materials. The brand range includes sweat jackets, bomber jackets, waistcoats, lightweight jackets and the famous down jackets. These down jackets are an absolute must-have for fashion lovers, especially in the winter. Moncler has grown into a world-renowned brand through innovation which makes it stand out for its extravagance, exclusivity, perfect cuts and the highest quality materials.

The collections, particularly the jackets by Moncler are beloved by men, women and children alike and have been enthusiastically received by fashion lovers around the world. Moncler jackets are often high on the wish-list for both men and women, and are worn in different variations all year-round - the lightweight jacket is perfect in the spring/summer time and the classic Moncler down jacket is ideal for the winter. The Moncler collection for men can therefore not be excluded from the BRAUN Hamburg online shop. Let yourself be inspired by these reliable companions. Moncler, the Italian fashion brand with French origins.

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