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Maison Margiela sneakers

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Margiela Sneakers

Sneakers by Maison Margiela are not your usual shoes. They pose a contrast to the norms that are currently at work in the fashion industry. Their sneakers incorporate unconventional designs that are at the same time stylistically confident, all of which will really set the wearer apart: shoes with a character, or “real casual leather sneakers for men”, and a luxurious fashion statement par excellence. The futuristic sneakers and high-top sneakers are made of first-class smooth leather or suede and provide comfort for your casual wardrobe in an original design.

The shoes with their comfortable soles will be your stylish and convenient companions for every day. Martin Margiela received a degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. When he graduated in 1981, he was among the most promising talents in the city. He started out as a stylist and was offered an assistant’s position at Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1984. Four years later he founded his own label Maison Martin Margiela together with Jenny Meirens, a retailer from Brussels. He presented his first ready-to-wear spring/summer collection for women in 1989 and several years later he was made head designer of the Hermès women’s line.

Ever since, the company has been all about unconventional and even avant-garde fashion. Margiela took existing garments apart and put them back together in his very own way. He turned seams and linings to the outside for the world to see – and they became distinctive marks. In 1998, Maison Martin Margiela launched their first men’s collection. Already since 1994, the Margiela lines have contained certain ‘Replica’ models that are reproductions of garments from very diverse sources and times. There are also Replica models among the Maison Margiela sneakers.

Garments are marked with simple labels made of cotton tape. The original idea was for them to be cut off of the garments after purchase, but until today the labels serve as a distinctive feature for the label. Shoes carry it on their tongues. Despite their innovative character, the sneakers go really well with numerous outfits. At our BRAUN Hamburg online shop we carry a selection of Replica and high-top sneakers made of superior leather that are available in many sizes and colours.

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