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Maison Margiela fashion for men

Maison Margiela has been iconic for avant garde fashion since is foundation in 1988. And rightly so, because the striking collections feature an unconventional selection of materials and a deconstructive approach – two elements that are deeply rooted in the label’s DNA. Founder and chief designer Martin Margiela was seen as a modernist and deconstructionist, choosing a by then very unconventional path. He took apart recycled garments to reconstruct them in new creations. It was this revolutionary new style of the label that catapulted his collections to the big runways around the globe, where Margiela continues to surprise and delight his audiences.

The unconventional spirit of this premium label is reflected in the fashion shows hosted at very unusual locations. His collections were shown on construction sites and in metro stations. The character of these collections features striking designs, which often create unusual contrasts. On the one hand, there are exceptional colour schemes and patterns. On the other, classic garments are re-designed to include contemporary, avant garde features – simply perfect for trendsetters. One strange detail underlines the uniqueness of the brand: the inside label features various numbers, which tell the expert exactly which line the piece belongs to: Number “10”, for example, signifies the collection for men.

Number “14” was added later – a line for classic garments with timeless charm. The extravagant designer John Galliano officially returned to the fashion scene in October of 2014 to become the creative director of the label. The British designer represents a distinctive change for Maison Margiela: Creative leadership had floundered for the label since Martin Margiela left in 2009. Galliano’s 15 years experience at Christian Dior bodes well for the future of the brand. In 2011, anti-Semitic statements by Galliano had forced him to resign his position at DIOR. Things grew quiet around Galliano and it seemed unthinkable that another big name fashion house would take him on again any time soon. Now, however, a new era is dawning – for Galliano and for Margiela.

In addition to a ready-to-wear collection, Galliano’s first haute couture collection for Margiela was presented at the 2015 Paris Fashion Week. The label announced the news on its Facebook page with “Maison Martin Margiela welcomes a new era”. “Margiela is ready for a new charismatic and creative spirit”, says Renzo Rosso, president of the Italian OTB Group, which owns not only Margiela, but also the labels Diesel, Marni and Viktor & Rolf. In Renzo’s view, Galliano is “one of the greatest, unrivalled talents of all times. A unique couturier for a label that has always challenged and renewed the world of fashion”.
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