Frescobol Carioca
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Luxurious beachwear that brings the unique spirit of Rio de Janeiro to the pool or beach for a stylish appearance. The eye-catching swimming shorts of Frescobol Carioca are named after the ball game Frescobol, which is played by ... the Cariocas, the inhabitants of Rio, on the picturesque beaches of the city, which is also where it originated. The characteristic graphic patterns and shiny fabrics of the shorts are inspired by the shapes and colours of the Brazilian landscape, the mosaic art of Roberto Burle Marx and the sounds of Tom Jobim's music to transport a small piece of Rio into the world. More Less
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Frescobol Carioca – the spirit of Rio

Thanks to world-famous landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, it isn’t just the sea that makes waves along Avenida Atlântica, but also the 1970s promenade with its many black and white mosaics. Like the bossa nova sounds from the pen of Tom Jobim and Rio de Janeiro’s contemporary architecture, this Brazilian sight is a source of inspiration for the dynamic, abstract prints that adorn the popular swim shorts from Frescobol Carioca.

The brand takes its name from the ball game frescobol that was invented in 1945 by Brazilian Lian Pontes de Carvalho. It is as much a part of the Copacabana beach scene as the sunbathers. The original driftwood is still used for the bats and Frescobol Carioca also combines it with cuts from native hardwoods. The “Marceneiros” (carpenters) can put together up to 17 pieces of wood to make one bat, depending on the model. The luxury bats get their attractive shine from a resin coating that protects the material against wind and salt water, as well as giving it its elegant appearance.

Colourful neoprene bands wrapped around the short handle give the perfect grip. There are pretty much no rules – the only objective is to keep the small rubber ball, originally the inside of a tennis ball, moving and not let it land in the sand.

A little piece of Brazil for your wardrobe

The label, founded in 2013, has all the essentials for a perfect day at the lake, beach or pool. Beach towels made of Italian linen, modern swim shorts with vibrant prints, airy casual shirts for

men and handmade beach accessories like the iconic frescobol bats and surf boards made of ecological paulownia wood convey a real holiday vibe. Beachwear brand Frescobol Carioca has its roots firmly in its homeland and its collections reflect the joie de vivre and energy that the Cariocas, people native to Rio de Janeiro, exude. You can get the vibe of the coastal metropolis combined with exclusive men’s fashion from Frescobol Carioca in the BRAUN Hamburg online store.