De Petrillo
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De Petrillo
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Neapolitan craftsmanship in its second generation: The traditional house De Petrillo is located in the Italian Mecca of tailoring, where it produces suits that immortalise the character and charm of Naples in the choicest ... materials. The result is the finest men's clothing according to the highest standards - handmade pieces that preserve tradition and yet meet contemporary demands. More Less
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De Petrillo: The elegance of Neapolitan tailoring

Naples: The birthplace of Italian tailoring and home of luxury tailor De Petrillo. This exciting city inspired founder Benedetto de Petrillo to create his own label producing the finest Italian men’s fashion. Taking the approach of coming as close as possible to made-to-measure men’s clothing and the customers’ wishes, De Petrillo passionately creates elegant, luxurious suits and smart-casual jackets that you can order here at BRAUN Hamburg. The length of the sleeves and trouser legs must be individually adjusted in our De Petrillo clothing to ensure the best personal fit.

A rich treasury of sartorial tailoring goes into production at De Petrillo, now in its second generation. The production redefines the “made in Italy” claim and reinterprets the Neapolitan heritage. At De Petrillo they believe that it is best to keep hold of the suits and smart-casual jackets: “They more they are worn, the more they become yours.” Sophisticated men choose De Petrillo, because their clothes are the best way for them to express their mood and personality. That’s why our De Petrillo assortment features both muted and bright colours to suit every occasion where style and elegance are the order of the day.