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andrea's 1947

Andrea’s 1947 – traditional craftsmanship "Made in Italy" with a contemporary twist

The brand Andrea’s 1947 was born at the weaving mill Valbisenzio from the vision to create unique, premium quality products using traditional craftsmanship. Her luxurious product assortment includes scarves, neckerchiefs, and plaids, for which only the most precious fibres in the world are processed.

The Valbisenzio-based company, active in the textile sector for 50 years now, can look back on a long tradition and an incomparable wealth of experience. These attributes were successfully utilised to allow the company to stay abreast of the fast-moving and growing demands of the market. The result: exclusive products of superior quality. Their combination of style and creativity has allowed them to stay one step ahead of the international competition.

The fabrics are manufactured to this day by highly experienced and skilled craftsmen on traditional weaving looms. Production time is no issue here, as only the result matters. The approximately 1500 m2 large company headquarters are home to all other production steps and the subsequent quality control measures.

The traditional processing of the most precious raw materials, like cashmere, vikunja, silk, and linen, is closely linked to the requirements of current markets. The long-winded weaving process, which is strictly supervised by experts, helps maintain optimised fibre characteristics and prevents processing-related quality loss. The natural suppleness of the very expensive and rare fibres is maintained.

The exclusive accessories by Andrea’s 1947 create eye-catching accents for any wardrobe with nature-inspired prints and hand-painted details. You will find an eclectic selection with individual character at BRAUN Hamburg.

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andrea's 1947

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andrea's 1947

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