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Jumpers & Cardigans
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Luxury Jumpers and Cardigans

Indulge in the soft warmth of our luxurious designer jumpers and cardigans for men. BRAUN Hamburg supplies top-quality knitwear. Discover our VON BRAUN in-house brand, which will steal the heart of every sophisticated man. We use the finest quality luxury fibres for our cashmere jumpers, processed by top-rated manufacturers, and refined with an Italian wash. Our unique vision for the extraordinary is clearly expressed in the exclusive details of our jumpers. Be inspired by the extraordinary!

You will find jumpers and cardigans in various qualities and materials by international designers at the BRAUN Hamburg Online Shop. Luxurious classics include the sought-after cashmere collections by designer labels. Pure cashmere is appreciated worldwide because of its unmistakeable softness and refinement. Indulge in its cosy warmth during the Autumn/Winter season. Any man will happily pick up a light cardigan, knit jacket, or jumper made from finely knit cashmere wool on cool summer evenings as well. The wool itself is – by the way – still sourced in meticulous manual labour by combing the undercoat or fleece of the cashmere goat (capra hircus).

Once the undercoat is at its most dense stage during the natural moulting process, it is carefully combed out by hand. The rough hairs are sorted out, so that only the finest and best fibres remain. Once the wool has been cleaned and processed thoroughly by hand, it begins to display its fabled properties. It is then woven into the so-called one-ply (single thread, two threads woven together), two-ply (double thread, four threads woven together), or three-ply yarns (triple thread, six threads woven together), which are then used for knitting high-quality jumpers and cardigans. The costly production of cashmere wool makes it the most expensive natural fibre.

The more threads woven into the yarn, the thicker and warmer the finished products. Finer yarn is knitted with big needles for the Spring/Summer collections. The natural, open mesh promotes heat exchange. That is why you won't have to miss out on the comfort of pure cashmere – which, incidentally is an excellent gift idea – even in warmer weather. We have created the most desirable styles for you: timeless classics in various colours, models and cuts. Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury: Jumpers with a round or V-neck, classic turtle-neck jumpers, or sweater vests, plus a wide range of mix-and-match cardigans.