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Su Misura


Would you like to have more individuality and uniqueness for you look? You can look forward to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and turn suits or even a complete business outfit into sensational separates.

We offer you the option of being your own designer and creating your individualised clothing items. This is limited only by your own creativity. You have a choice between a variety of combination options. You will of course be guided and advised by our competent team.

After a previous fitting to take your measurements in our store, your dream wardrobe is designed piece by piece according to your wishes. Starting with fitting and workmanship, right down to the high-quality outer fabrics and linings selected by you, a vast array of design options are conceivable and possible.

Your custom-made designs are crafted according to individual cut patterns with sartorial expertise and great passion for traditional designs, and can be easily re-ordered at any time. If you have ever ordered a custom-made clothing item from us, and your measurements have not changed, you could in fact re-order by phone. This enables a selection of various finishes without the need to re-take measurements: from unconstructed, semi-traditional, traditional, full canvas, right down to hand-crafted and Made in Italy, everything is possible.

You can expect a luxurious style, custom-made to suit your individual wishes and preferences!


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Made-to-Measure Fashion by BRAUN

Individuality and uniqueness

Su Misura – Made-to-Measure Fashion by Braun

Our Service

Sensational Separates

  • Better fit through an individual cut
  • Better proportions through the matching of each piece to the body contours of the customer
  • Design Your Own! – More individuality through customer-specific fitting
  • Made-to-Measure Designerwear – We produce smart-casual jackets, suits and shirts in cooperation with top designer labels

First Fitting

The First Fitting – the first appointment with the customer. A detailed one-on-one consultation is the basic prerequisite for fully getting to know you, your expectations and ideas, and to make a perfect selection for you in terms of fitting, finish and fabrics. Working together with you, we develop the product and select amongst various design options.

Creation of cut patterns

Creation of cut patterns – your individual cut pattern is commissioned. As soon as the digital cut pattern is complete, the order is forwarded to the tailor's studio.

In the Tailor's Studio

In the tailor's studio, the right fabric, lining, buttons, etc., are selected. A fully automatic cutting system cuts the fabric and lining based on the cut patterns.
The tailors sew the piece of clothing together, partly using the machine. During production, various quality controls are carried out personally by the seamstresses in order to fulfil the high standards that we have set for ourselves.
In the ironing department, the clothing item is subsequently steamed and ironed to ensure an immaculate condition when delivered to the customer.

Final inspection

Our goal: 100% quality. A dedicated team of quality controllers makes sure we reach that objective – every time.

Second Fitting

During the Second Fitting, it is determined whether

  • the article of clothing has turned out the way it was designed and discussed during the First Fitting,
  • the fit is perfect,
  • alterations are desired.

Of course we will also provide you with care tips to ensure that you'll be enjoying your individual and unique clothing item for a long time!


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