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Luxurious Accessories: Cufflinks

The accessory for a man with style. Cufflinks are the time-honoured and traditional highlight to compliment your dress code. To this day, they are the most elegant method of closing a shirt cuff, lending the wearer an air of luxury, and adding a touch of class to a business outfit or a tuxedo.

Cufflinks are used to hold French cuffs (or double cuffs), and represent a classic jewellery item for men. They look particularly luxurious when combined with a matching ring or bracelet. You will make a lasting impression with cufflinks by exclusive designers like Bottega Veneta, Paul Smith, or Elizabeth Parker.

Traditionally, cufflinks are two matching objects, bound together by a bar or a chain. Some models come with gemstones, like lapis-lazuli or onyx. Cufflinks set a wonderful contrast when worn with light-coloured shirts, and stand out subtly when worn with a dark shirt. They create an air of luxury for the sophisticated man.

Treat yourself to a little bit of luxury! Or make someone else very happy: The timeless design and perfect finish of these accessories makes them an ideal and also personal gift for a special occasion. Make someone happy with this fantastic gift idea. A nice pair of cufflinks will perfectly round off any elegant outfit.


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